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If yes, we as a team working to make this world a place of equality and inclusion where everyone feels safe, happy and united.

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Our Care Services For Every Needy Person

We Provide a safe place where widows, elderly persons, orphans, handicaps and other needy persons will be served with medical & heath care services, sufficient space, and much more.


Namah Neerjogi Ashram is a not-for-profit organization that endeavors to make an impact in the world by uplifting the disadvantaged sections of society through education, health, disaster preparedness and response, and social and economic development. We pride ourselves in standing with the poor, listening to the unheard, and recognizing the potential in the forlorn.

Live A Life of Dignity and Contentment With Best Of Our Services

Live A Life of Dignity and Contentment With Best Of Our Services
The motive of team is providing authentic support for agencies, local resources, people and organisations with the similar mindset, as their aim is to serve the possibility of growth and development of needy ones.
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